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Detox, Firm & Tone

LPG Lipomassage by Endermologie

The latest generation of CELLU M6 motorized rolls activates lipolysis (fat elimination – increased by 70%) by stimulating the fat cell via its B receptors, which are responsible for the removal of fat.

Lipomassage specifically targets stubborn areas. Ideally, you should have a balanced diet and maintain regular physical exercise. Being active is recommended for good health, but also enhances session results. After a treatment, any fat that is released during your session is quickly burned off by your body’s elevated metabolism. (Consultation required)

Per Treatment: £75.00

Course of 8 for best results: £525.00

Environ Body Sculpt

This treatment harnesses the powerful technology of Sonophoresis (Sound Wave) and Iontophoresis (Electric Current) allowing active ingredients in Environ’s Body Profile Gel t be penetrated 4000% deeper than massage alone. The probe can be used to target any problem area on the body. Stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite and skin tone are all improved with this revolutionary treatment. (Consultation required)

Per Treatment: £75.00

Course of 6: £412.50

Comfort Zone Body Strategist 3 in 1

Three-phase intensive remodelling treatment: the first phase comprises a thermogenic action to stimulate microcirculation; this is followed by a vigorous lipolytic  massage phase and then the final phase which is revitalising and tonifying. A “shock” treatment with visible remodelling effects after just one treatment.This 3 in 1 treatment reactivates and improves microcirculation, stimulates lipolysis, reshapes and leaves legs feeling light and refreshed. Indicated for cellulite, and especially localised adiposity and sluggish microcirculation.

Per Treatment: £85.00

Course of 6: £467.50

All 3 treatments can be made into a package. Please ask your therapist on consultation to advise on which package would be best for you.(Homecare advice given on consultation)