Based just outside Market Harborough in the peaceful surroundings of Great Oxendon. We invite you to experience the unique and bespoke combinations of clinical with holistic therapies performed by fully qualified therapists providing professional treatments for maximum results.


Our aim is to combine the ultimate relaxation techniques with scientific methods in our treatments, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and prepared for your day. In doing so, we aim to deliver an unmatched wellness experience that revitalises your body, calms your mind, and uplifts your spirit.

Experience the unique
combination of

 and  holistic therapies.

Your Journey to Inner and Outer Beauty Starts Here;

At the intersection of beauty and well-being, a unique and harmonious synergy is found. This is where aesthetic allure meets personal health, creating a perfect balance that promotes overall vitality and radiance.

I have been going to Sheedas for facials for over 5 years now – every four weeks.
I can honestly say my skin has never looked so radiant! Friends comment on how well I look! I don’t wear makeup most days as there is no need! I use all the products they recommend. I had lots of dark skin pigmentation due to too much sun exposure and sun beds in my youth! These have dramatically reduced. If you go regularly and use the products they recommend then you will get the results over time.

I thoroughly recommend Sheedas.
They are also extremely nice people and the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly.


Nourishing your beauty from the inside out

Sheeda’s is where wellbeing and beauty meet. Imagine taking a break from the rush of everyday life, just a quiet moment where you can breathe easy, recharge and reconnect with yourself. That’s the space we’re inviting you into. It’s about giving your mind and body the chance to rest, reset and nourish your inner self.
So, come take a breather with us and let’s recharge those batteries together.


Create some precious space for you – don’t call it indulgence, call it breathing space to recharge your batteries and empower your soul.


We offer a sumptuous range of result-driven beauty services to complement and enhance your natural  looks.


We are specialists in skin care! Our vitalising clinical treatments are tailored to target skin concerns specific to    you.

Over thirty years of being a beauty therapist and skin specialist, I am inspired by the satisfaction felt by my clients after each treatment.
My aim to please will never change.
Your well-being is my priority.

Harshida Patel-Brown


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