Sheeda’s Beauty Clinic
Beauty Therapies

Hands & Feet

File & Varnish – Hands or Feet

Nails Shaped & polished.

Price: £20.00    |    Add Gel Polish: £30.00

Mini Manicure OR Mini Pedicure

Express cuticle tidy, nails shaped & polished.

Price: £23.00    |    Add Gel Polish: £33.00


Nails shaped, cuticles tidied & nourished, hands massaged, nails polished.

Price: £31.00    |    Add Gel Polish: £41.00

Luxury Manicure

Nails shaped, cuticles tidied & nourished, hands exfoliated, luxurious hand mask & hot mitts, hands & arms massaged, nails polished.

Price: £41.00    |    Add Gel Polish: £51.00

Male Manicure

Nails cut and filed to shape, cuticles tidied, hand massage.

Price: £20.00


Nails cut and shaped, feet soaked, cuticles tidied & nourished, exfoliation to soften skin, foot and leg massage, nails polished.

Price: £35.00    |    Add Gel Polish: £45.00

‘Footlogix Pediceutical’ Pedicure

Maximise the results of your pedicure with Footlogix. The ultimate treatment for hard skin removal.

Price: £45.00    |    Add Gel Polish: £55.00

Male Pedicure

Nails cut and shaped. Feet soaked, cuticles tidied, hard skin removal, exfoliation to soften skin, foot and leg massage.

Price: £35.00    |    Add Footlogix: £45.00

IBX Repair Treatment

File, IBX & Nailtiques protein application.

Price: £15.00

Add to any hand treatment: £10.00

OPI Gel Removal

Includes File & Protein Varnish

Price: £12.50    |    When Gel is reapplied: £5.00    |    For any other Gel removal: £14.50

IBX System


  • Creates a protective shield for the nail
  • Used to repair severe nail damage to help growth
  • Multiple treatments fill up deep grooves, resulting in a smoother nail plate
  • Natural nail colour and appearance is improved


  • Nailtiques is an innovator in the worldwide nailcare industry
  • Maintenance of healthy, natural nails
  • Promoting natural nail growth, strength and moisture retention
  • Nourishment to strengthen nails and eliminate peeling

OPI GelColor

  • Cures under an LED lamp
  • Proven to outshine other gels by 23% after 2 weeks
  • On average lasts 2 weeks on healthy nails
  • Wears like gel but looks like lacquer
  • Removes quickly without damaging nails

OPI Infinite Shine

  • Gel like wear but removes with non-acetone nail lacquer remover
  • Long wearing lacquer 3 step system
  • Made with state of the art ProStay technology that links the layers together
  • Reinforcing and locking in the shine

Footlogix Pediceuticals

  • World’s first & only Pediceutical Mousse Foot Care line
  • Made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Unique ground-breaking Dermal Infusion Technology
  • Scientific Formulation
  • Ingredients penetrate faster & deeper for trouble skin of the feet